VELVET magazine

I had spent almost 3 years in a role as the Editor and the Art Director of VELVET Magazine – a luxury lifestyle publication that was initially only in the Middle East. I had set several goals to improve the magazine’s content, structure, design, look and feel as well as its online presence. During my time at VELVET, I had accomplished several targets that I had set myself.


Total redesign of the print issue inside and out. Each issue was created by me, with contributions from all over the globe including editorial shoots.

Each of the 18 issues (#37-54 inclusive) have been conceptualised, designed and laid out exclusively by me.

Several cover shoots were curated and commissioned by me, including the final shoot with Deborah Hung (pictured above) for Issue #54 – the first issue to be brought outside the Middle East and distributed across the European capitals, such as Paris and Rome.

During my role at VELVET, 95% of the written content was written by me and 100% was proofread by me.

12 out of 18 issues I had conceptualised, written and designed. Some of these covers were directed and commissioned by me, others were accepted upon submission:


At the time of my hiring, the VELVET website needed major redesign and restructuring. I had proceeded to restructure and redesign. With the help of the freelance web-designer, Natasha Aguair, the website was successfully relaunched in June 2015. A year later, the website was tweaked with the help of then-my colleague, Sinan Derinoglu, and the Dubai-based firm, IBG, who focused on boosting the SEO readability of the site.

In addition, the social media following and reach was increased by trifold.

Website on a desktop/laptop:

Website on a mobile: 


I had restructured the content of the publication as well as added and expanded new areas of focus. As of 2017, VELVET had the following sections:

Fashion for Women

Fashion for Men





Watches and Jewellery

True Story


Travel spreads:

Collateral and Events

In addition to the direct responsibilities, I took care of any side-projects that included designing the business cards for the team as well as invitations and the media wall at the VELVET Gala – a fashion dinner held in May 2016 at Palazzo Versace, Dubai to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the publication.